Monday, April 30, 2012

Taste factory

If I was a flavor trendsetter I would set the following trends for the American palate:

Lúcuma: Tastes like caramel and chocolate together, but it comes from a fruit. Apparently it's quite healthy. Great flavor for ice cream, liqueurs, cakes, and candies. I discovered this flavor in Chile.

Ube/taro: This purple yam tastes like purple. The color is the best. I guess it tastes nutty/starchy/sweet. Can be used in savory dumplings, but it truly shines in ice cream, cakes, candies, and the like. I discovered this flavor from my Filipino roots.

Chirimoya: Yogurt in this flavor is the best. Makes good juices and popsicles too. It has kind of a citrusy-green apple taste. Some say it's pineapple/banana flavored. Hard to describe. I discovered this flavor in Chile.

Achiote: Very complex flavors of citrus, tequila, chile, zestiness. This is a poor man's saffron (for the color, not the flavor). I discovered this flavor from my Mexican roots. Good for marinating fish, any kind of meat, and seafood. I want to explore this with vegetarian dishes too. Also a great natural dye for foods and cosmetics.

Horchata: This is a Mexican rice drink flavored with sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Can also be made with other seeds and nuts like almonds, but the result is always delicious. 

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Anonymous said...

:))))))))) I want that healthy choco-caramel fruit!!!