Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I have now officially entered my 4th decade. How old does that make me sound?! I can tell you that I am a neon-loving child of the 80s, I entered my awkward teen years in the awkward 90s, I "grew up" in the 00s (a decade I still haven't evaluated), and now here we are in this brand new decade. What will define this decade for my generation, my country?

What can I say about the 00s. To me it doesn't feel like a decade has passed since the magical mystical year 2000. As a high schooler I thought it was so cool to be part of the class of 2000. That was the year I moved across the country to go to college, the year I met that man that would be my husband. College went by way too fast but I can tell you it was fun. Not in a wild way but in a wow, I can really do whatever I want when I want now kind of way. During the 00s I think I was trying to learn about things that interested me and figure out how I can make a living doing things that weren't too terribly boring to me. After college I thought it was my calling to help people so I volunteered a lot and worked with a lot of kids. Then I moved to DC and immersed myself in international relations. Now I've been working in a part of my field I had never imagined myself in before.

The past decade brought a lot of surprises, almost all of them good. It also simultaneously expanded and divided my family unit. I hope that this decade we can become more cohesive. For my personal life I hope for more, mostly good, surprises. So 2010s, please surprise and entertain me. I'm a child of the 80s, you know, MTV generation, ADD, pop culture, instant gratification, so clearly I need to be entertained.