Friday, August 18, 2006

Highly volatile

Well I sold my car finally and I hope I can live on the money in Italy for at least a few months. It's bittersweet because I really like my car and it's in great condition--but I guess it's more useful to me right now in its liquid form.

I leave in less than a week so I'm trying to get everything I need together and finish up some business here in the U.S. so I don't have to handle it while I'm abroad.

I'm taking two courses in Economics this month. My classes are pretty demanding and all I do all day long is Econ. I sit in class for 5 hours a day and write pages of notes. I'm also not getting enough sleep and I'm struggling to understand the subject. If there are any economists out there who would like to offer their services, please let me know.

Also as of yesterday I've taken to crying at the slightest provocation so watch out for me. Yesterday I cried because some old lady was being brusque and overly verbal about how I was filling out some medical form wrong and I cried when my boyfriend didn't understand what I was saying and then I cried a little when I managed to run over my foot with one of the wheels of the chair I was sitting on at the time and I'm sure I'll cry many more times before I get on the plane, and then the whole time I'm on the plane, and then for a while when I first get to Italy. And then hopefully once I'm in my new surroundings with my newfound student friends I will feel happy enough to keep my crying to regularly scheduled late night sessions when no one else is around to see me red-eyed, snotty, and blotchy. Waaahh!