Saturday, July 22, 2006

All Muddled

We were treated to a mojito bar at a party I recently attended. Such a cool idea. I'm going to make a panini bar for a party tomorrow. And we're making bellini's too, which apparently is an Italian drink involving peach nectar and champagne. We're doing it with nectar de mango though. And we're making virgin bellini's for the children and the pregnant woman.

Papa's Got A Brand New

Top shopping find of 2006. It makes me so happy to look at it. Exactly what I've been looking for all this time.

Hot Pockets

My boyfriend and I were undertaking the agonizing task of selecting an ice cream flavor based on taste, quality, and value at the local grocery store when we decided to share a quick kiss and a hug.
"Ooooh, you're gonna melt the ice cream," winks the lady walking by at that precise moment.

That lady was quick.

A Life Legitimate

I just went to the dentist for the first time in almost 2 years and it feels so good. It feels good to be insured again. It's something I will no longer take for granted. Does anyone else enjoy visiting their dentist so much? It also helps that my dentist is pretty cool. She has traveled the world and knows Chinese and Spanish and hacks at your teeth like a true pro. My grandma was my first dentist. My worst experience was throwing up a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips while my grandma worked on my teeth. To this day I avoid that flavor--it tastes like dental bile. I also associate the taste of Bernie's famous teriyaki chicken after a good teeth cleaning with the taste of tooth. Yes, when I can truly taste my teeth they taste like roast chicken. What do your teeth taste like?
When my grandma was still practicing (she retired at the ripe old age of 75 or so) I had so many good times in her dental office. My first paid job was filing paperwork in her office. My brothers and cousins and I had water and air fights with the little tools for your teeth. My grandma and her coworkers made little animal figurines out of plaster of paris for their children patients, and I collected them. I don't have any in my possesion now, regretfully. I would take naps in the chairs on slow days, adjusting my position with the cool controls. I feel asleep to the easy listening channel that was on (which could explain why I get random Kenny G songs stuck in my head sometimes). Her assistant at the time was an awesome person. She once gave me a glass mickey mouse piggy bank with my name etched on it. In fact, that piggy bank is in the room with me now, and it's been full of coins for probably 8 years. She was the first person I knew personally to die. She had cancer, but she didn't suffer long.
My teeth are so clean. Let's make the feeling last.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Comfort Comes To Call

The way I am around my little brother is the way I should be around everyone.
If I wasn't so guarded/thinking too much/cautious/embarassed all the time.
I need to work on standing up for myself. I did it yesterday a little bit, looking people in the eye when they do annoying things like blabbering loudly on the phone--when did cursing become okay in front of kids, women, strangers? And then there was a guy on the plane showing his buddies behind me a picture of a guy giving the finger. When did this become okay?
I can't help but feeling old-fashioned. I can't believe the 2000s are my time. I belong to a time where candies cost a penny, a sturdy pair of shoes cost $1, men took off their hats as women walked by, and friends and acquaintances "came to call" in the afternoons. Then again, I also belong to a time where the internet connects diverse networks, you can have sushi for lunch and In-n-Out for dinner, refrigeration and washers and dryers abound, and women are pilots, doctors, and police officers. I can never truly call myself a liberal or a conservative, but I do so wish that some of the social graces of yore were more alive now.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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I made two delicious smoothies this morning, one for me and one for my boyfriend:

1 Dark chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast packet
1 ripe banana
6 ice cubes
1 cup Silk vanilla soy milk
1 T peanut butter

1 Strawberry Sensation Carnation Instant Breakfast packet
1 ripe banana
6 ice cubes
1 cup Silk vanilla soy milk

What a great way to start the day! I highly recommend Carnation Instant Breakfast, because they're chock full of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, and then of course soy milk and its protein and goodness. And then the flavors are delicious. Next time I'm going to try the sugar-free.

Run Away

I admit I have my prejudices. There are certain people I avoid when I'm out. When I'm walking, I avoid people that walk slowly, like the elderly, the obese, women teetering in uncomfortable heels, and roaming tourist families.
I also tend to avoid people that have bad B.O., men and women with long, straggly hair, men that have glazed piggy eyes and their mouths hanging open for no reason, men with clothes so baggy they're falling off of them, red-in-the face buff jocks that have had a few, etc.

Then there are those really aggressive, looking to stir up a mini-controversy people (many times accompanied by like-minded friends) that look challengly in the eyes of everyone around them, shoulders forward, mouth ready to spout off about how you're intentionally trying to avoid them, how you're racist, scared, and any number of unpleasant things about you and the millions of others like you. How do you handle those people? I suppose by acting the same way. Maybe you could try keeping the same posture, beating them to the punch and saying "hello" "how are you?" "how's your mother?" "have a great day."

I don't feel like I have to apologize to people on the street that get a "feeling" that I'm nervous around them. I have had inappropriate experiences with people on the street, and it's pretty hard to keep up with the news and at the same time feel comfortable around random people on the street. Just about everyone makes me nervous. But really, if some harm is going to come to me I only have a certain degree of control. So I try to maintain that control by looking at everyone around me and paying attention to their signals, not walking alone in random places at night, not dawdling with my keys next to my car, etc. I also walk pretty fast, not only for the aerobic value but to give off my own signal: I can run pretty damn fast and put up a fight, so don't mess with me.

Heard On The Street, B-Mo County

While walking to the nearby strip mall, I look over my shoulder to smile at a man on the opposite side of the street. He's sitting at the bus stop eating a sandwich and a coke.
As soon as we make eye contact: "You trying to avoid me?" asks the man.
"The crosswalk's right there." As I point to the two crosswalks adjacent to the corner where he's sitting.
"I'm sorry" his hands up in defense.
"A little paranoid?" I ask the middle-aged black man.
"Yes, I am."