Monday, October 20, 2008

R2, it is you!

During my last week of freedom, before I began my first ever real job-without-end, I sat down to do something I never really did before. I watched Star Wars, episodes 4-6 (the newest movies disappointed me and I still feel burned, but I'll give them a second chance some day). The movies are so good! I wouldn't change a thing. Perfectly classic. Everyone should watch them. The world George Lucas created is amazing, and all the detail he put in to it is awesome.

Some things that I love: Not only is Leia the ultimate no-nosense feminist, but she snags the hottest dude in the galaxy. R2D2, although a droid, is as cute as the cutest puppy. If he doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy inside, you have no insides.

When I was younger, my brothers, especially the youngest, used to have Star Wars playing in the VCR all the time. But I realized, when I recently watched, that I never actually sat down and saw all of them from start to finish. It seems I was always doing something else at the same time. Well, my husband was a little miffed that I watched episode 4 while he was at work, but we watched the other two together like a family. Apparently, from the day we met he has been waiting for me to express an interest in watching them with him. I'm glad we had the bonding experience, and I heartily recommend the movies.

Kissing the tasteless

My tongue is having a terrible time today. It doesn't matter what I eat, my tongue feels like it has just licked 50 envelopes and I can't get ride of the awful taste. Awful, horse-hoof gummy taste. Blech. This experience makes me appreciate my tongue, and it's usual ability to taste yummy things, all the more.

I googled my symptom, and it came up with things like gum disease and tooth abscess. I haven't seen the dentist in a while (no insurance), but my coverage under my new job will start soon. But I hope that my tongue gets better sooner than that. I could also have jaundice. My skin has been looking pretty yellow lately. Ach! I just wikipedia'd jaundice and the pictures were so scary I immediately had to close the window. I will never complain about looking like a Simpsons character again. The taste isn't metallic, so it can't be mercury or lead poisoning. Thank goodness. It helps to not have any enemies with access to my food supply.

I tried running minty floss over my tongue. Bad idea. It stung and the taste became even more intense. I scraped my tongue. Didn't help. I'll use some mouthwash before going to bed, and I'll hope that a good night's rest will bring my tongue to a full recovery.